Those who know Audi know quattro. And once you have driven with quattro you don’t want to drive any other way. Why? Because this drive system puts engine power on the road in such a convincing way.

quattro is a permanent four-wheel drive system. If the wheels on one axle of the vehicle lose grip on the road and threaten to spin, torque vectoring distributes the drive force through the transfer case and hydraulic multi-plate clutch to the axle or individual wheel with the better grip.

With quattro you will experience directional stability, dynamism and agility as never before, while counteracting over- and understeer without any problems. The benefits are clear: better traction and thus improved acceleration as well as greater safety thanks to more balanced cornering forces.
The electronically controlled multi-plate clutch is mounted on the end of the prop shaft and is supplied with oil from an electric pump

But what makes quattro unique is really the driving feel. “It’s like you’re stuck to the road,” is what our customers say. We put it this way: quattro simply makes driving more fun.