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The new Audi A8


Welcome to the future
The new Audi A8

Leading the way is our promise. Never before have we been able to be as comprehensive, as far-reaching as with the new Audi A8. It has initiated a new design language, a new operating concept, a new level of quality. The new Audi A8 represents the future of the luxury class.

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  • The sporty side: The A8's silhouette presents a muscular coupe style, with proportions that equally accentuate both the front and rear wheels - a clear reference to the brand's quattro genes.

  • Rear Seat Remote: Important settings and media functions can be controlled from the rear via the removable, 5.7-inch touch display in OLED technology.

  • Foot massage, back massage on heated and ventilated resting chairs, a double folding table, even your own climate zone - all this awaits you in the rear of the new A8.

  • Variety is intuitively accessed: The touch displays in the Audi A8 not only react to learned gestures such as swiping and tapping, they also provide very precise haptic and acoustic feedback.

  • Rare, authentic materials, processed at high manufacturing standards – as such, the interior of the Audi A8 is simple and uncompromising.

  • The Audi A8 offers its passengers the largest interior space in the luxury class.

  • 23 speakers precisely coordinated with each other, supplied with 1,920 watts of power in the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System, make the A8 into an experience for all the senses.

  • Connected with your everyday life: This is the world debut of Audi LTE Advanced, now available for the first time in a vehicle. It allows transfer rates of up to 300 MBit/s.

Eye contact with a new force
Elegant design elements combine exterior exclusivity with sporty agility, and are characteristic of the Audi A8's individuality - reminiscent of the original quattro.
Fascinating on its own: the character of the Audi A8
Fascinating on its own: the character of the Audi A8
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Moving forward with ease
The Audi A8 represents a benchmark with its highly light-weight construction. The multi-material space frame concept makes the carriage the lightest in its class. One-third greater stiffness for excellent agility with increased driving comfort.
Combines greater comfort with greater dynamics: the AI ​​Active Chassis
A special highlight in the Audi A8 is the new Audi AI ​​Active Chassis, which significantly increases driving comfort and driving dynamics in all driving situations.
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Charging the vehicle battery by induction: Audi introduces inductive charging with the A8.

Audi introduces inductive charging with the A8

Arriving and recharging – What you expect from your home is automatically provided: via the optional charging plate, the vehicle's battery is immediately supplied with new energy inductively. No cable, no handling; that's the ease of progress.

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Generous interior lighting in the new Audi A8.

Elegance in
a new light

Thanks to the multi-coloured contours / ambience light package, the interior is staged with precise fibre optics. The interior design is highlighted and further enhanced in its quality.

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