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Better traction with quattro®

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Better traction with quattro®

Ideal driving conditions

If more traction is required – when towing a trailer, for example – quattro® offers real advantages by offering greater tractive force in proportion to the vehicle’s weight.

Only 50 percent grip

In conditions where tires experience reduced grip – as on a wet road – the advantages of quattro® immediately become apparent. Whenever one wheel loses traction the others can compensate, so the car remains stable and continues to grip the road.

Only the front wheels have grip

quattro® continually adjusts to road conditions to permanently distribute power between the front and rear wheels precisely where and when required. It means the vehicle stays responsive even if only one axle has enough grip. By contrast, if front- or rear-wheel drive vehicles lose grip at the driven axle, they can no longer transmit the engine’s power onto the road.